Our Services
Transaction Coordination
We handle your real estate transaction from start to finish. We will work with your loan officer, real estate broker and/or lawyer to make sure that your transaction is handled properly. This coordination will make sure that lender requirements are satisfied, contractual requirements addressed and that your closing documents are in order. We can provide this service in any State in the Country – so GET CONNECTED !!!! This service can also be extremely beneficial if you are buying or selling real estate without the assistance of a real estate broker.
We will handle the finances of your transaction and prepare all documents required to evidence the financial aspects of your transaction. We can provide Escrow Accounts to hold money as an independent third party. We will make sure that documents evidencing your transaction are recorded. We will explain the documents contained in your closing transaction to the extent we are allowed to and provide you with a specialist that is available to assist you in obtaining answers to any last minute questions or concerns that you may have with your transaction.
We examine the ownership record of your property, review real property tax records and examine court records when needed in order to provide assurances to you and your lender as to the ownership status of the real estate property involved in your transaction. This is an important part of the services we provide in the real estate transaction. We are authorized and licensed to issue these title policies for OLD REPUBLIC NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY – a premier international title insurance Underwriter.
This service provides you with information that will allow you to know who the owner of the property is and what people, or other entities, have an interest in that property. For a nominal charge you can determine if the person you are trying to purchase a house from in fact owns that house before you invest your time in the transaction. This service also allows you to check your property from time to time just to make sure that nobody is claiming an interest to your home without your approval.