Title Connect Pro Platform

Training & Coaching

Learn what you should be doing and why you should be doing it when it comes to your real estate business on Tuesdays.

On Thursdays, take what you should be doing and learn HOW to get it done (of course, we can do it for you.)

Property Websites

High Powered property marketing is included with your sponsored subscription.

Use our web based technology to become a tech savvy agent and then list more homes, sell more properties and make more money with all of today's social, mobile and video based property marketing aspects.

Credit Coach

Do you have clients that are getting turned down when it comes to buying or selling a house. Check out the Title Connect Pro Credit Coach program to increase the number of listings and closed transactions in your business.

The Technology

Today's REO assignments and short sale listing processes are managed by transaction management systems for real estate offices. No more chasing documents or having to make multiple phone calls for information as all parties of the transaction are connected into the system. Agents can also import their favorite vendors as well.

Referrals & Leads

With our strategic relationships and other marketing that we have currently in place, members have the ability to receive exclusive referrals and leads for listings in across the country.  All referrals are subject to a referral fee that is different to each specific program.  This includes a conglomerate of investor cooperative short sale referrals, consumer generated short sale, BPOs, as well as some REO orders are included.